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someone to believe in
I have had a weird life to say the least you see I am a borrower I have lived in this house for well my whole life I lived here with my parents but now I am alone and completely capable of taking care of myself it's relatively easy to sneak around the woman that lives here is practically blind so I don't have to worry to much one day I was on a borrowing trip when I saw a car pull up this is weird she never has guests I watched to find out what was happening when I saw a young man walk in the door with a suit case well not really young we were probably about the same age but he is the youngest person I have ever seen he hugged her and said hi grandma so this is her grandson I guess he is visiting this means I have to postpone my borrowing trip till tonight I made my way back to the place I called my room it wasn't much but it's all I had I tried but couldn't find rest so I got up and decided to see what was going on with the new person in the house I watched as he settled in to the spa
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broken memories 4
Things were going pretty good I started gain my energy back slowly and max was there for me through it all I have been here for two weeks and I couldn't be happier but all good things must come to an end right me and max were watching a movie when their was a knock at his door he put me in his pocket and answered the door I immediately recognized him it was the doctor from the lab my blood ran cold,
"hello max we are here to obtain the one know as jocie"
the memory of that day shot into my mind not this time they weren't taking her again ,
"you need to leave now" ,
"so but we will not be leaving until we have her why do you care away she is nothing no one else cares why do you she is useless to every one just hand her over and we will leave",
"first of all I care about her and she's not worthless she is everything to me and you will have to kill me this time if you want her I won't  give up" ,
"son this
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broken memories 3
He carried me in and set me down gently,
"I was starting to think I would never find you I am sorry I took so long",
"yeah but you came for me that's more than anyone else would have done for me",
"here eat something you looked starved",
" yeah I haven't eaten I a week lately they stopped doing anything for me",
" really a week those sick freaks I am so sorry",
"thank you this is amazing could I have some water I am parched",
"yeah", he ran over to the sink and brought me a cap full of water which was a little bit big for me but I chugged it none the less" thank you" ,
"your welcome is there anything else you need",
"um yeah is there anywhere a girl could get a bath",
yeah of course come on he carried me to the bathroom and filled up the sink about three fourths full and he set a bar of soap to me by the sink" ,
"alright I will be back in twenty minutes",
"thank you" he left and I wasted no time getting in it was so nice I scrubbed all the dirt off of me goodness I was dirty when I tri
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broken memories 2
It has been over two years since I shrunk I have been back in school for nearly a year now everything has been going alright I have come to terms with the feelings I have for max nothing could come out of it so I tried to ignore them but that was useless so now I just cope with them.
It was a day like any other classes started we all sat down and about thirty minutes into the lesson the door burst open,
"Hello sorry to interrupt but we are here to obtain the one known as jocie",
I backed up to max he wrapped his hand around me to hide me from sight but it was to late they came over,
"Son please just hand her over we don't want to have to use force",
But he kept a grip on me,
"What do you want with her",
"That's classified information just hand her over and we will be on are way",
Just then I felt max pulled forward then I heard a hit then we fell to the ground,
'Are you going yo give  her to us now",
"No way" ,
If he kept this up they would kill him so I wiggled my way free" take
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broken memories
When I was fifteen something really weird happened to me I couldn't tell anyone not even my best friend I was dropped out of school where I was home schooled I missed my friends desperately they called but I wasn't allowed to answer; it would just be better if they all forgot about me soon enough to the whole world  I would just be some weird memory which no one would be sure even happened and it broke my heart ,every day was lonelier than the next I stayed at home when my parents went out barely able to function around the house which was now out of proportion to me .
One day going like all the others I was struggling to get on the couch finally making it I sat there and waited for my parents to return when they walked in they called to me and told me they had a surprise for me "I am over here what is it" ,
"Your going back to school ",
"What "`a thousand things were running through my mind how would I be able to function oh God wh-what if someone stepped on me what would my frie
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Cereal Avalanche? by Kindii Cereal Avalanche? :iconkindii:Kindii 52 186
no difference 3
I was sitting at home and I got a text Taylor was asleep next to me ,
"hey jade you want to go out Saturday night",
"no I already told like some one else ",
"you mean that stupid Taylor he left and he's not coming back get over him he was a freak any way I am a much better choice" ,
"sorry Tyler I can't I still have feelings about him and even know he doesn't like me I still have feelings for him no matter what differences we have",
"your loss" ,
"I set my phone down and left the room".
I woke up to jade texting she didn't look pleased then she set her phone down and left I got up and looked at her phone I know it probably wasn't right of me but I wanted to know what made her so unhappy I read the messages what she likes me and she's been turning down guys for me no that's crazy she just uses me as an excuse not to go out that must be it I mean even if she used to like me there is no way she likes me now I couldn't do anything for her  I
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no difference 2
"So how many people know about you",
" well right now you and my aunt",
"what about your parents ",
"well that's why had to come stay with you they died in a car accident and so I needed some where to stay" ,
"oh my goodness I am so sorry",
" it's alright I miss them but they wouldn't want me to dwell on it ",
"well your welcome to stay as long as you want",
" thanks so have you met anyone special yet" ,
"what do you mean",
" I mean do you have a boyfriend", 
"oh no but there's a guy I have liked for awhile" ,
"oh who is it" ,
"I am not telling you" ,
"fine at least tell me what he looks like",
" well he has black hair blue eyes and he is shorter than me ",
 "we'll that sounds familiar come on tell me" ,
"no way" ,
"fine whatever",
"so is there a special girl" ,
"what no I  haven't seen any one since this happened to me",
"o well okay boy have I missed you ",
 "I missed you to" , 
"well are you hungry I made us breakfast ",
"yeah I am starved here I brought my
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Take Me Home: Kendal I
Take Me Home: Kendal I
She paced around. Another boring day at the shelter. She didn't really mind it there, she felt as though she owned the place because she had been there for so long. She was there so long now that the giants didn't even want to lose her and often left her free to walk around the office and hang out with the volunteers. She felt special. She didn't need a giant to own her, she felt as though she owned everyone at the shelter because she had so much freedom. It was going to be a busy day but that was okay, one of the volunteers let her sit at their desk, greeting those who were coming in to look at the humans.
Waving past another couple of people, a mom and her daughter, Jace sighed and ran a hand through his hair, lowering his head. "Ten bucks says that little girl starts screaming her head off within the minute. I can just see it. Mom looks too tired, and that kid just... looks scary." He muttered to her, half joking. They'd gotten a few kids like that, it being s
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Free Admission
"One for Epic, please." The lady behind the concession rang up my ticket, a bored expression on her face. Judging by the look of the lobby it was a slow day today. Good. I love when I can get a theater to myself. I took my ticket, ignoring her surly attitude and heading off for the the auditorium my movie was showing in. "Can't wait to see this!" I said quietly to myself, a grin on my face. Yes I know it's pretty goofy to be a twenty year old woman and excited for a kid's movie, but this actually looked pretty cool.
Walking down the hall distracted by my own thoughts, I wound up bumping into one of the ushers and sending us both tumbling backwards. "Ow, damn that hurt." I pulled myself up, moving a lock of my pixie cut black hair behind my ear and straightening my favorite blue hoodie. "Hey, man. You ok?" I reached a hand out to help the kid up I'd bumped into. He still looked kind of young, most likely in his teens with short brown hair and glasses.
"Ugh, yeah. I'm fine thanks." He gr
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You Can't Hide for Forever // Chapter One
Dreams can come true, but nightmares are also dreams.
When Krissa was in third grade, she remembered her parents having her sit down on the couch while they stood side by side. Her mother seemed rather nervous, but that wasn’t completely unnatural considering how very frail she was; however, that day had granted her an extra shade of pale and dark circles below her eyes. Frizzy red hair lay draped down the sides over her head, and her clothes were slightly wrinkled.
Krissa’s dad was almost of the same composure with his glasses pushed up past his dark brown hair. Wrinkles had seemed more prominent on his skin, and there was a hint of weariness in his brown eyes.
“Everyone has special gifts and talents,” Dad had said. Okay...most generic  thing for your parents to say... right?
But her father meant it. He told Krissa that she was different from other kids, and she needed to keep that talent to herself when it came to her. And she didn’t und
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Fantasy: Part I of II
Fantasy Part I of II
"You got the payment for this month or what?" a loud voice pierced my thoughts.  A pounding on the apartment door quickly followed and immediately I rolled out of bed and made my way to the floor, scooping up the large envelope with both of my hands.  I moved as quickly as I could but the pounding only grew louder.  "You tenants get on my last nerve!" He shouted, as I ran.  "You all think you're too good to come downstairs and make a payment, and the worst of all is that you don't talk to no one!  I gotta a half a mind to come in there right now…"
He trailed off as I slid the envelope under the door, not making a sound but I could hear his weight shift as he crouched down, picking it up.  I lay down on my stomach and tried to get a decent look but I couldn't see his facial expression but I could tell that he was somewhat pleased because he let out a content grunt.  I smiled.  A not
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no difference
Me and Taylor have been best friends, but lately he become distant. I decided to call him today; "hey is Taylor there" ,"thank you hey Taylor it's jade",
" hi jade",
" so I was wondering if you wanted to come over today" ,
"um I can't ",
"o okay", 
"hey jade I have to tell you about something" ,
"hold on a second yeah dad I am talking give me a minute ",
"so Taylor what did you want to tell me" ,
" o nothing forget it" .
but that was two years ago we haven't seen each other since then ;we talked like to other times but not much else I really miss him ,.I went home after the store and when I walked in the door my phone rang I answered it ,"hello Taylor oh my God man I have missed you so much", 
"I've missed you to I am calling for a favor ",
"well I need a place to crash for a while and I have no one else to turn to",
" yeah when you coming", 
"um tomorrow morning", 
"cool ",
"um but I have changed a lot so don't be surprised when you see me an
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